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Originally Posted by RobjonWood View Post
Thanks for your patience guys. You have helped me understand more than I did before.
This video below pretty much shows what I want to do. I tried both methods and again can not hear anything on playback. I know you guys told me that I need some Vsti sampler.So why does it work for this guy and not me. I was thinking to get the Odin 2 deluxe because it supposedly records DI guitar(and does not need Kontakt) and you can add any vst to it. Though they say you can add any vst to it, all the demos of it are metal style.

Thanks for your advice and opinions,
Please see my previous replies.

The youtube video shows somebody using the guitar as a midi controller - he is not recording the guitar signal but using the guitar to control a midi instrument.

What it does not do is allow you to record DI guitar. Neither does the Odin II, it is effectively a synth/sampler that recreates the sound of electric guitar.
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