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hi Everyone,

So I have done a COMPLETE RESET of Win 10 and wiped my files after BU...a complete CLEAN install of Reaper with NO FRILLS on a Samsung SSD 500 HD

This has been the common message I have been getting...

My last time I did this with a TOTALLY clean install with just my waves vsts no SD3 or VSTI bass....It was working well until I got a teamviewer call during the testing...This time it said I SHOULD CHECK MY WLAN AND added the same cpu issue throttle thing was coming up... I'm thinking the teamviewer call messed with the latency meter...ANYWAYS...I'm wondering if any one has had this and what their solution was....I did my CPU throttling settings and there was no issue and checked the bios but my Bios card is from 2013 and there were no updates on their website for this model at all....

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