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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
Nvidia cards are problematic with audio. If your driver is up to date you can get some extra performance by setting a 3d config in the nvidia control panel for reaper. There's a setting for "optimize computing" or something like that.

I'm about to give up gaming and sell the damn thing, I'm sick it.

You can also disable high precision event timer and then check this guide if you haven't:

I've had good luck with Driver Booster (uninstall it afterward). It catches some driver updates that Windows misses, but make sure you create a system restore point first.

If you're on a laptop, you'll probably need to disable the wireless adapter in device manager while you work, if it's showing up in LatencyMon.
Thx foxAsteria for hanging in there with this...I'm not a gamer so you would know more about this than I...I did buy this from a gamer though...It's been a stable unit for over 19 months now...

ANYWAYS...I disabled the High precision event timer thing for performance, I downloaded and Driver booster and upgraded everything they suggested, Downloaded the newest NVIDIA update from the 19th of this month, I did everything on the NVIDIA card you suggested I believe... Plz let me know if u see something I missed..

I also downloaded REIMAGE pc repair and it said my PC was running fine...

This is getting weird.....
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