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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
I mentioned the nvidia because it's showing up with the highest dpc in your image. Mine runs about half that, which is still higher than I'd like. When I disable it in device manager I can get it down around 100.

Dedicated GPU is 99.999% not necessary for audio work. Unless of course your motherboard has no video ports.

I take it you're still having issues?

Another thing you can try is to ensure Reaper is the only thing using the audio device. If you right click the speaker icon on your taskbar and go to sound devices, you can set Windows to default to the motherboard audio. Fully disabling ;there any unused audio like hdmi can help as well.
Ok Everyone, I finally found the culprit...It was the updated drivers for my Behringer UMC 404HD...I actually had to go back to my original 2016 drivers TWO updates ago (I still had installer left in my dropbox PTL)sooo hopes this might help someone down the road...The only thing I can think of is that some win 10 update with some of my software didn't play well together..but ALL is well after a day and a half!!
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