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Art Evans
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Default Something handy for non-loopers

Working on a classical concert editing project, which Reaper ate nicely, I came across a bit of a surprise when tweaking a crossfade at one point because where I expected silence there was music - I'd accidently extended an item in such a way as to cause it to loop.

Reaper has become (and of course may always have been intended to be) a very nice straight audio editor, for people who have no interest at all in the looping side of things.

Consequently it would be handy to be able globally to turn off the loop attribute of items, such that any newly created or inserted items were set not to loop by default. Such an option might be in the "Media" section of the Preferences dialog, and might read "Set loop source attribute of new items off" - or whatever.

Where the loop source attribute is off, personally I don't see the need for the item to be extendable beyond the end of the underlying file, but that's not such a big deal - I could be lacking imagination.
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