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Originally Posted by Barrail View Post
I can't remember all my ky keyboard shorcuts (and sometimes, I change one shorcut or other...).
So, I've made an excel file.
And I don't want use special keys alt or shift, only direct key and Ctrl + keys, because too is too.
I keep this file open when I use Reaper.
Yes, my brain is blank

Sounds like you need a programmable LCD keyboard, which has a tiny LCD on each key, and can show the names of shortcuts depending on the currently focused window, and modifier pressed.

I know there are such keyboards in existence, but they have two shortcomings for now - they can't be separately programmed for different window focuses, and they cannot change their display according to modifier combination that's pressed. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong.

But this thing MUST be done, it would make DAW work so much easier!
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