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Need help to create the ultimate impulse sampling from plugins "1 click sample all".

First, here are the steps I use to do it manually:

1. Insert a "CLICK" sample
2. Add the plugin that you want to impulse to the item with the click.
3. Duplicate the item according to the number of the presets of the plugin.
4. Choose next preset of the plugin for the next item (preset#1 for item#1, preset number#2 for the next duplicated item, #3 for the next duplicated item...and so on)
5. Select all items in the selected track.
6. Render all selected items as takes
7. explode active takes to new track
8. Auto rename selected items according to the first plugin inside the item, something like this form (hopefully adjustable): ([Plugin name]%[preset number]%[-]%[preset name])

Actions needed to do it automatically (1 click to sample the whole plugin):

1. select the first plugin in the selected item.
2. choose next/previous preset for the selected plugin.
3. Auto rename items to the preset name of the first plugin inside the selected item,([Plugin name]%[preset number]%[-]%[preset name])
4. Auto rename form states (create form and save state like we can do for nudges)

Advantages of sampling plugins:

*Much less cpu... (iZotope mastering reverb eats 8% , ReaVerb only 0.2%)
*Much faster browsing between the presets.
*Less plugins = quicker choice. (this was the main reason I started to sample impulses)
*bugy plugins...etc
Original thread:

Are those actions possible from the extensions side?
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