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OK, nicholas (Geoffrey?), I understand your point yet now....but itīs a bit weird that complete Reaper manual can be printable (or at least have a PDF version that allows being read in PSP...)and this SWS one not...but I understand the actual situation in a model as the Reaper product or community...even though, I think that in this kind of subtle points, are better ways to pay the effort.

I donīt know really who is involved in every step of the process in reaper community/company,...and which is the philosophy for each one...I know that for example, Mercado Negro and others do everything for free (spanish menues, for exemple)...but I know that hours have to be paid. IMO, itīs a bad policy by Cockos not to include this kind of functions that you have to dive into and look for with extensions and etc, investing (not loosing) a lot of time in it...that nobody pays too... and even paying for the documents that explain the use of them...

I preffer to pay 80 euros instead of 60 and having all that I need. I love Cockos idea, and the progam, flexibility, and etc...but this gap opened between functions or languages of first and second class is a bit harmful or even I tend to think then that even with midi treatment and other things in Samplitude not being perfect for me and betting my ground on Reaper...per 150 euros in last Christmas, for example, I would be getting Samplitude 11 (upgrade from 10SE) translated into spanish and with spanish manual too. Maybe it would be worth the while...for the next time I will know.
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