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Originally Posted by nicholas View Post
Sorry, but I genuinely cannot understand why you seem to be so upset about this. Let me try another approach:

1. If you purchased equivalent products such as Cubase, Samplitude, Sonar, Pro Tools, etc, you would probably pay not $60 but between $400 and $1,000 dollars. Put in that context, I really am puzzled that anybody would get so upset about being asked to pay an extra $6.99 if they want a printable copy of a manual that is offered free in PDF format anyway. And I repeat, if anybody thinks it isn't worth the $6.99 then - as for any other item - they don't have to purchase it. You call it "take it or leave it." I call it just the way things are in the world with any item.

2. I make my living from my studio and from writing. That said, for writing on REAPER projects such as the User Guide and SWS Manual we are talking about pocket money. The income I get from this is just that - not much more than beer money (well, wine money actually ). I would earn more if I instead devoted that time to other projects. The charge I make for REAPER manuals is really very reasonable, and then because I believe that some sort of price signal is appropriate. I do believe that if you make everything free, you devalue your own work too much. I understand that others might disagree, but I don't see how anybody could seriously consider that belief to be unreasonable.

3. If you really do choose to stop using REAPER because of this, then I suggest that the person who will lose the most will be you, and that would be a shame. It certainly won't be me.

In any event, I wish you well ...
Plus, if you really want it in another format it is super simple to convert the pdf. Oh wait, that would mean he would have to actually do something other than benefit from other peoples work.


It gets a little irritating.
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