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yeah, people...keep on justifying...the supernumeraries defending anything, attacking the one who dares to speak...soooo typical. I must have said "I give up"...time before.

Reading like you do my point(prejudice and fundamentalism)...and not arguing at all about what Iīm talking about...willfully simplyfing my messages is the perfect point to let me know the kind of people you are.

If you would try another way, and tone...deffinetely another approach some time before, it would be different. But since you started this point affronting my doubt with that attitude, with me being the kind of user that didnīt pay nor the soft, nor anything, and that really donīt want to only deserve a quite worse treatment than I have given here.

The point was to answer your (all of you) words in the tone that you used...But even though, you refuse to read my words, and to argue with a little bit logical or comprehensive point of view.

I told you about priorities, numbers and obvious things..Do you really want to compare?? I told you., try to read...150 euros for SAM 11.03 in spanish and with spanish manual included...Have you read that?

Who is talking about 1000$ softs against PDFs of 7$?? Is That the point?
So you donīt understand ANYTHING...or you are a distorter, and next intentional misunderstanding...Im gonna leave Reaper?? I didn't say that...but in debt to your attitude...Iīm not gonna pay the SWS extension and maybe Reaper will hit me (itīs not so hard, and fortunately there are spanish users who will help me with my possible doubts), or maybe I wll hit it...time will say.

I wish the best to you, Geoffrey, Cockos and Reaper anyway (for the moment is my way)...this is about people trying to communicate...better luck next time, maybe.

Ah, to jmcecil...If I would like to actually benefit from other people's work and nothing else...obviously (except for your angry anile mind)...I would use any of the soft that can violate a ridicule code in a PDF to transfer it to my PSP and try to read it and learn about "reaper exclusive secrets and tricks, ssssshhh", with the SWS manual in the bus to my 10 hours working day...but it would be ugly, less elegant and wouldnt solve anything...and all this arguement would be ridicule, useless and not only some of us, would be really silly...

ouhnch!....a lot of waaaaaahhhh to nothing.
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