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Originally Posted by sapristico View Post
Ah, to jmcecil...If I would like to actually benefit from other people's work and nothing else...obviously (except for your angry anile mind)...I would use any of the soft that can violate a ridicule code in a PDF to transfer it to my PSP and try to read it and learn about "reaper exclusive secrets and tricks, ssssshhh", with the SWS manual in the bus to my 10 hours working day...but it would be ugly, less elegant and wouldnt solve anything...and all this arguement would be ridicule, useless and not only some of us, would be really silly...

ouhnch!....a lot of waaaaaahhhh to nothing.
Actually, I'm irritated not angry. Again, a lot of what goes into Reaper is community driven.

So, lets talk logic

The manual you are complaining about was created by someone WITH THEIR OWN TIME. Why would they care to spend several hundred more hours producing something for ONE person when that one person can take what is already produced and convert it for their own use.

The development team for Reaper itself is very small. It's one of the reasons it is tremendously cheaper than other products. Do you want a C++ coder stopping what they are doing on Reaper and spend hours and hours writing a manual for an extension that isn't theirs?

Again, the idea behind community involvement is to get INVOLVED. You can ASK for something if you feel you need it. But, you won't always get what you want. This is our free time you are asking us to spend. I have an idea! Why don't you produce the material you are asking for so that OTHERS can benefit!

Attacking the community because it isn't interested in what you asked for, is juvenile. Hence the "WWWWAAAAAHHHHHHH"
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