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Originally Posted by urobolus View Post
Has anyone had luck with running Native Instruments (B4, Kontakt, etc.) and EWQL programs (symphonic choir, RA, DFHS, symphonic orchestra, etc) in x64?

I was really excited to upgrade to the XP64 I've had sitting around for years as I finally got a new card that has 64-bit drivers, then realized my programs might not work in reaper x64. I wanted to upgrade to a 64-bit system simply because I keep running out of memory in 32-bit since I mostly use sample libraries.

I had MASSIVE problems with 32-bit versions (the only ones available?) of NI's B4 and Battery, running Reaper X86 on a Win7-64bit machine. All of the other NI VSTi's seem to be fine, but these two cause all Hell to break loose every once in a while.

I also believe that the problem is tied to, or exacerbated by, what bridging/firewalling option you choose.

So, here I am about to upgrade versions of Reaper & several plugins, & I'm wondering what the current thinking is on versions.

I am NOT running out of ram, and I have plenty of reserve CPU cycles. Also, some of my fav plugins are not available in 64-bit. However, I cannot use Battery or B4, and this is killing me. I don't know if running them 64-bit will help or not, but it's possible.

So, should I still be running Reaper X86, with all 32 bit plugins, and forget about B4?

Should I run Reaper X86, but try the 64-bit NI plugins, and bridge them? - If so, which settings should I set in the Reaper Prefs?

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