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Hey guys!!

Glad i found this "sticky" cuz i'm just installing my new built i7 system Win 7 64 bit. Been really good infos here and I was wondering, I did install Reaper 4 Alpha (latest) 32 & 64 bit. Started R4 x32 bit and went to VST under Preferences and gave the directory path to Reaper and scanned the plugins i started installing including my Waves plugins.

Everything runs smooth and already with R4 x32 bit, I opened like 55 plugins random instantly from Waves and my computer CPU was at 8%... simply ridiculous I swear, mind blowing.

My question now, with R4 x64 bit, I guess I will have to do the same and go under Pref and give R4 x64 bit the directory path of my Vstplugin folder so it can scan my plugins again? Is that it?

And once reaper scan the Directory (as I have some 64 bit and 32 bit plugins Fx installed) how does reaper 64 bit works? Cuz read that Reaper do have it's own "Bridge" system, does it Auto-Detect what plugins are x32 and x64?

Any clarification would be much appreciated!!!

Thanx a lot in advance

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