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Originally Posted by Fabian View Post
Yes, it knows which to run in bridged mode and which to not.

Note two things:

* Reaper x86 can run your 64-bit VSTs in a bridged mode of its own.

* If you list both your paths (to 32-bit plug and 64-bit plugs) in the VST directory (you separate the paths by semi-colon) then, if you have 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the same VST (and they both report the same UID), Reaper will only list the version it encountered last. This allows you to give priority to different versions of the same VST in the two Reaper versions.
Hi Fabian!!

Thanx for taking the time to reply, very informative indeed. I read you well that x86 version of R4 can read x64 bit plugins but wouldn't be better to run R4 x64 bit instead as it does read x32 bit plugins as well?

By the way, when you are installing 64 bit plugins Fx etc... does Win 7 install them in a specific or different folder then the C:\programfiles\VstPlugins that was created inside the x86 Cubase folder? Or

Gonna set all this up Thanx mate !!!
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