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A question if I may.

I have a nice quad-core/DDR3 system currently running 32bit XP, but capable of going 64bit. The idea would be to upgrade to 64bit and to click a few more ram chips in the box. The mobo supports up to 8GB of RAM and DDR3 is going cheap these days.

Having read a few posts describing mixed results when it comes to running plug ins in 64bit, I'm hesitant to go for a full system upgrade.

However, I could potentially install xp64 or Seven-64 on a second hard drive, install reaper 32bit on that new system disk, and then configure that version of reaper to use the VSTs already installed in the current xp 32bit system disk.

Do you think that would work at all? It sounds like it would be pushing it a bit, but I can't really see any reason why it wouldn't work. After all, the new install (64) would see the other disk as a data disk, and might be able to simply use the dlls there?
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