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Originally Posted by Justin
Try disabling "Run FX from worker threads" in prefs/audio, and see if that helps any of these.. let me know if they do.

Nope. Thanks for the tip, though. Some of the noise generated by the THD-plugin stopped, but Reaper is up in smoke when inserting more than two instances. The Pocket Limiter on the other hand was able to run smoothly with a few instances now, but when tweaking too much with them - the plugins and Reaper went haywire, and broke down. All the other plugins runs as smoothly as my newly shaved chin. Though, when loading a few of some certain plugins the program "chokes" for a few seconds and makes this "brrr"-noise, but it doesn´t seem to make the program unstable at all.

This program is so ergonomic! I have reduced my mixing time by 20-25%!
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