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Good idea and nice job.
You can grab the corrected ninjamcast I made for compiling under Ubuntu X64, didn't test on other platform (just corrected some vars). It's earlier as an attachemnt in the forum.

I think I still have somewhere too the xcode project for the ninjam osx client side which works under Lion, though just compiled it and tested connect, didn't test jam with it.

Anyway, most of 'advanced' (note the quote) users of ninjam are using reaper reaninjam vst plugin to connect there.
I think there has been some improvement in the code there, but it's closed source.

So a good point would be 1st to determine what / where / which direction to go, and what should be tried to be made, on each point.

Just to list some ideas :

- Ninjam Client as a Cross platform VST Plugin to use it in any daw,
- Improvements on server side, adding some new voting commands (.. vote kick.. , improvement of the chat side of the servers, recording management, etc..),
- Update of the clients to support more audio channel/inputs, redesign of ui, more user preference (metronome tone for example), recording management)
- etc...

PS : I'm not a dev, but I can try to help
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