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> So I take it that wahjam is now the best option for a linux client of ninjam?

It is actively maintained and builds on modern distros. If you hit any issues please get in touch via #wahjam IRC on or

> I want to contribute to this by starting an archlinux package containing up to date wahjam.

Fantastic! I've been using wahjam's cursesclient on Debian amd64.

The missing piece for packaging is that things are still named 'ninjam'. This isn't ideal since it could conflict for users who have both wahjam and ninjam installed on the same system. Also, it could confuse users so I intend to fix this:

I'll try to get that fixed this weekend.

> It seems there is a JACK-backend available under We should try to include this into wahjam.

I have started revamping the code with the goal of a single QT-based client GUI that uses PortAudio to handle audio. The big advantage of this is that a single codebase would build on Linux, Windows, and Mac so any features or tweaks added benefit all platforms. PortAudio has a JACK backend so we'll get that for free when moving to PortAudio (which Audacity also uses).

I haven't published the qtclient branch yet but will try to get that online soon too.

The best place to chat more about the details of packaging is #wahjam IRC on or I'll be happy to help you get this working.
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