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Default recording using interface

a little off to the side here....
I was trying to record some audio into Quicktime using my USB interface that I usually use with Reaper. It was recorded audio on my DVR and I used to bring it into my old PC mic port using Audio Recorder(Linux) and it worked good.
So I thought the interface would work with my Mac Air and Quicktime since the newer Macs dont have mic in anymore.You cant even change the setting for the jack. Anyway..I ran the analog audio out of the tv and into the line in jacks 1/4 inch on the back of the interface. Quicktime picked up the interface and I selected it and started recording.But no sound. I verified that sound was coming out via a little speaker I have. But no sound on the recording. It saved it as an mp4 so thats not the problem. It just doesnt have sound and I didnt see the waveform register on Quicktime when I made the recording.
Whats the problem? thanks
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