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In my case recording midi with "Preserve PDC delayed monitoring in recorded items" does move the recorded midi back to where I thought I was playing it.

From what I can tell PDC means:

1) If there are delays incurred in playback of tracks caused by plugin processing, Reaper must delay all the tracks in playback so that they can play synched up.

2) When recording to this playback, Reaper will see when you pressed a note, and place it on the grid forward by the amount of latency it added due to plugin processing.

3) "Preserve PDC delayed monitoring in recorded items" means Reaper will put the note on the grid based on when you actually pressed it.

The metronome also seems to click to the delayed beat. I can't see why you would want Reaper to remove the latency when recording since you are playing to the delayed playback, and this moves the notes ahead of the grid

Are there circumstances where you want Reaper to write the midi forward when recording? Because that is the default setting, it makes me think I don't really understand.
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