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I was sitting and thinking, why I'm always getting that "Automap is offline" message. Mostly, when touching controls on the right side of the surface.
Then it hit me! Because previous versions had two LCDs and MkII has only one, info that should be displayed on different screens, displayed at that single one, according two which control is touched by user.
When I've displayed "schwa rules!" on, let's say, "virtual" left screen, "virtual" right screen left intact and it had that "Automap is offline" text on it. It was just a text.
So, I just changed the initial sysex message from "clear entire left LCD" to "clear both LCDs" and, voila, one "virtual" screen now have text and the other one is blank. Now I can write some useful info on LCDs, depending on which half of the surface that info is related to or just duplicate everything on both "virtual" screens. Finally! ��

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