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Originally Posted by serr View Post
Soundcraft 22MTK It's a combo analog board with a 22x22 audio interface built in. Plug it into your laptop with USB and record multitrack.
Thanks serr, this may be the ticket.
Looked up an Australian seller - could only find one selling it, and it comes in cheaper then the L20. Sure it is not digital from start to stop, but...

From the blurb on their website: USB Interface 2-in/2-out (24-in/22-out on 22 MTK). So by this I am taking it that it will send 22 discrete tracks via USB?

I like this option better than the L20, I can take the laptop along, record via Reaper - not have to worry with dicking around with SD-Cards and worrying if I am going to have enough capacity - or cards failing/getting lost.

Interesting enough, in Soundcrafts 'recording guide' on the desk, it actually features and explains recording with Reaper

I like!
Thanks again serr, your a legend.
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