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Default Nocturn quick mapping of VST controls.

I've got my Novation Nocturn working along side reason, most of my VSTs have an Automap option when I load them.
This is Ok but some do not have a map and others have the controls scattered about so what I want to do is to quickly set a knob on Nocturn to control a vst control.

I've tried using the Reaper param button followed by the learn option, but when I get the MIDI/OSC learn option any controls I move on the Nocturn do not register.

In MIDI devices I have Automap MIDI in set to control only.

I've found I can do it by assigning the control on the VST to a spare CC then mapping a Nocturn control to that CC but it's a bot long winded.

Anyone know if there's a way I can do this quicker.
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