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The PRS Archon, Dallas, or V9.... great preamp sound and pretty detailed.
Dialing in the correct amount of input level get a good tube like satuation is key... But for sure they are just about real sounding and feeling as I've heard a plugin get. Great for re-amping too.

Watch the Vids and see what you think... On sale too

I record a clean track at same time I print a track with something on the inputFX that I've got sounding pretty good.. Clean track is awesome to then play around with Amplitube or PRS and pick and choose my way to any other sound I might want with out having to record over again (assuming good take)

Depending what you want, I've also found Amplitubes guitar bundles to do fairly well... personally a huge fan of the Dimebag pack and the Mesa Boogie, both of those go from easy saturation to incredible crunch and punch pretty well. they'll need a bit of eq when mixing in to other tracks like any other guitar... etc...etc....
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