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Originally Posted by gm22 View Post
Thanks again to everyone for all the replies and sharing of products and ideas. I have lots of scouting to do and feel confident I'll find some good plugins.

With respect to putting a mic on a small amp to capture a good usable sound, I agree, and have even done so with some success in the past. In fact I have a Champ 600, which is a newer and half decent reproduction of the real thing. The problem is, even small amps have to be turned up to a volume that is not always reasonable where I am. The volume has to be high enough not just to capture the best sound of the amp, but also in order to mask the acoustic mechanical sound of the strings, which bleeds into the mic and doesn't sound good.

I did figure out a curious workaround where I would capture a section on a Ditto X2, and then play and record the section, which obviously leaves out the acoustic sound of the strings. One can use even lower levels this way, but it's just not practical. At this point and for this room I'm throwing in the towel and simply want the best sound I can get in the box. Would certainly revisit micing amps and cabinets if I move. I have some great amps I can't quite take advantage of.
You might attempt something like this:

I'm considering this myself. I like the sound of my amps, but I also struggle with the volume thing.

There are many DI boxes like this. Radial surely has something.
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