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Originally Posted by gm22 View Post
I did figure out a curious workaround where I would capture a section on a Ditto X2, and then play and record the section, which obviously leaves out the acoustic sound of the strings. One can use even lower levels this way, but it's just not practical. At this point and for this room I'm throwing in the towel and simply want the best sound I can get in the box. Would certainly revisit micing amps and cabinets if I move. I have some great amps I can't quite take advantage of.
You're basically describing reamping here, and it might be worth it to use that method to "print" once you're happy with your take. Maybe use the VST to record and get that vibe for the performance, and then reamp that.

In addition to what's been mentioned, I've heard a lot of good things about Scuffham S Gear, haven't tried it myself. I did buy Kazrog Thermionik Suite when it was on sale a while back, and I like it, but that's kind of a useless recommendation as it's on hold and not available until he redoes it.

Simulanalog is another one that used to get a lot of love, although it might have been superceded by now.
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