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I stand corrected. I've returned to try and get the Ignite Emissary to sound as good as my loadboxed peavey 6505 amp, and the combination of these two fxchain presets of Ignite Emissary and NadIR loader, combined with the impulse response I've included yield results that gives me the same feeling as playing through the real amp. I hope it can give someone else as much joy as it gives me. The clean channel is also dialed according to what I like

This is dialed for guitars with a EMG 81 in the bridge, for agressive metal (I've tuned to C standard). Dial the input gain so that your hardest strumming peaks at just above -6 dBFS. Preferably with a noise gate first in chain just dialed above noise floor. The impulse response file should be loaded to the right side of the loader, if there is any problem with the loader the settings should be:

80% resonance, 9.4k lo pass, 152 hz hi pass. Offc these can be tuned to taste but thats my preference.

Go download the two vsts from ignite and try it out

URL with ZIP file for the 2x FXchain files and the IR, place the FXchain presets where the rest of FX chains are located:

Does anyone know if it's possible to use a Midi footswitch to change the channel? Are there any very basic (one button) midi footswitches that works with USB?
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