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Originally Posted by onno View Post
Thanks for your answer. No clue how to use Reaper to tell Yamaha what program to play.

I think I have an answer which is: connect audio out (from yamaha) to line in (on interface) and to an audio track in Reaper. Haven't had a chance to try it yet as life is getting in the way. But thanks for your comments
Assuming you want to play something on your Yamaha and record it in Reaper (rather than make Reaper play something on your Yamaha) you have two choices.

1. Take the audio outs from your Yamaha and plug them into your interface. This is the option I think you have found.

2. Take the midi from the Yamaha and record that as midi. This will have no sound until you place a virtual instrument on your track as an FX. That instrument can be anything (cello, trombone, drum - whatever) but will not be exactly what your Yamaha produces, even if you want a piano. If you want a reasonable and free piano sound from your mdi, you could download and install Keyzone Classic (which has a Yamaha Grand, a Steinway and some electric pianos too)
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