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Originally Posted by Alsion View Post
Why is the "Solo" button in the TCP in another style than the "Mute" button?
The style in the MCP fits/is ok.
can't say why White Tie made his different.
I kept the difference for 3 reasons:
- it catches the eye and makes it easier to know the Mute state without fully looking at the button.
- if the Mute was in the other style, it would also be in the same style as the Recarm button and neither would stand out when they are positioned next to each other.
- I like it this way

I may use the elements from this theme for one that is able to use the theme adjuster introduced in Reaper 6.
If I go forward with it, the mute and solo buttons will be the same style since the TCP will be based on the default 6 TCP.

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