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Default Forum: post-titles shouldn't be possible, only thread-titles.

Time and again I run into the problem, that people, who answer in threads, start their post, by typing the first line into the title of their post, not in the actual post itself.

I always skip the post-title as it's visually never part of the post itself, at least for me.
And then I read it and think..."wait...this post makes no sense whatsoever".
And in most cases, it's because I missed the first line, as it's in the post-title, not in the actual post instead.

It also happened already, that people misunderstood the post-title as "this is the place, where I can edit my thread's title to include a [DONE] in it", without actually editing the thread title, but just posting a title for the post. Usually these people miss that too and voila: more to-do-threads for the devs in the bug-reports/feature-request-section, even though the thread-poster tried to mark the thread as done.

So I think, posts should never have titles, only the opening-post of a thread.

And to be honest, I never got in the first place, what the actual benefit of post-titles are anyway.
They are probably the most non-read-parts of a forum after signatures and FAQs.
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