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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
I disagree. The post title is a useful way of summarising the content of the post.
But it's almost never used that way(or I never notice them in the first place ).
And unless someone's writing a novel(which is impossible with a 10k character limit anyway), a summary will not be that necessary.
Especially as most posts are quite short, with the exception of derailed threads, where posts have the tendency to become "elaborated".

And some rare posts, where it's really useful, but then a short tl;dr; as the first line of the post would have the same benefit.

I'm not opposed to the post-titles, but I simply not convinced of them being really helpful, rather having a tendency to be confusing, if not used right.

And I like my posts being easy to read and easy to get, so I can help more easily the poster with their questions.
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