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Default xoxos Radian crashes

I, too, have been having a hell of a time using xoxos' Radian. I can use it on up to 3 tracks without using the "buggy plugin mode", adding it to a 4th track causes reaper_host32 to crash. If I check the "buggy" box, I can put it on 4 tracks, but adding a 5th crashes reaper_host32.
I talked with xoxos about this and he says it is a very straightforward SynthEdit VST with only one custom module. I am also able to put it on as many tracks as I want in Podium. And xoxos tests his plugins with EnergyXT, and he hasn't seen this problem there, either. So I am quite certain this is a REaper-specific issue.
I am running REaper v4.75 x64

Any other ideas?

FYI - xoxos suggested that I try making multiple copies of the DLL in different directories. This solves the crashing problem (at least up to 8 instances), but now it is getting totally out of hand as I need at least another 8 instances for my current project, and running multiple copies makes passing presets around quite painful.

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