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I've got some questions regarding vocal boo-I know, I know! It's been talked about a thousand times, give me a second to explain!

Thing is, I've been googling, and there's so much information (many times contradictory) that at this point I'm more lost and confused than I was when I started.
And since the people here seems to be well grounded and knowledgeable on these matters, perhaps you guys could help me to get back on track.

These are my current tools:
-A 3x4mts with 3mts ceiling room (a regular room, with a bed, a wardrobe, and a shitload of books, so despite it being not-so-big, most of the reverberation and bass frequencies are absorbed by the stuff in it)
(9'10"x13'1" if I'm not doing it wrong)
-A Rode NT2-A microphone with it's proper shock mount and pop filter

What I aim to record:
-Voice (classical singers specifically, so we're dealing with a richly harmonic, resonant, and well projected sound source). This is the most important of all.
-An upright piano.
-Occasionally, small percussive instruments (udu, small bamboo bongoes, kalimbas, etc.)

What my current plans are:
First, I've already checked my room for the sweet spots for recording and got some results I'm not dissatisfied with. But I think it can be made better, and since "drying up" the sound seems like a possibility, I want to give it a try. Of course, once I have the booth, this means I'll have to re-check for the spots again, but whatcha gonna do.

So, on to planning the so-called booth.
I decided the best would be to build it with three 60cm (23 inches) high-density 50mm rock-wool panels shaped kind of like this \_/ to be placed _behind_ the singer; after all the microphone has a cardioid pattern amongst it's possible configurations.
Thing is, provided what I've got in mind so far is not abhorrently wrong, I've got no idea how tall it ought to be!
Is it enough if I use the standard 1mts (3'3") length of the panels (mounted on some kind of support I guess)?
Do I need to make also a roof for the booth to contain possible reflections from the ceiling?
Have I understood everything wrong and am about to make a huge mistake?
Who is Eric Cartman's father?

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give, and for having taken the time to read through all of this.

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