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Just to clear this one up a little. Most of this stuff is covered either by AATranslator or Reaper.

AAF: AATranslator

Audacity MOGG : Reaper (import, not sure about export)

AES31 AATranslator

Cool Edit Pro: AATranslator

Cubase: AATranslator

DDP: Reaper (export)

Nuendo: AATranslator

OMF: AATranslator

Open TL: AATranslator

PARIS: Maybe a plugin. I haven't kept up with this. Could be AATranslator.

ProTools Session: AATranslator (can import PT5-11 sessions, export PT5-9)

Radar Session Files (PROJ*.TXT): Reaper

Samplitude EDL (*.EDL): Reaper

SAW: AATranslator

Vegas EDL (*.TXT): Supported Natively
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