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Things that I'd like so far as I dig a little deeper into the midi capabilities of Reaper.

Using one midi track to fire 16 channels of midi to a software sampler is great, but these channels need to have the option for naming, selection, soloing and muting from inside the midi editor.

At the moment a midi filtering plugin has to be used. It works but this will streamline the process within one page.

We need a record button on the midi editor transport. Yes, there is a workaround, but I don't quite understand the logic behind omitting this.

I would like to be able to custom colour portions of the piano roll, to help identify more easily different types of samples on one midi channel, or key switches etc.

Grooves need to be built in, managed and organised from the midi editor. When a groove is loaded the grid lines should move to correspond the with position of the groove. This makes it easier to input midi via a mouse and be within groove without having to keep hitting Quantise.

I recall that was how cubase dealt with it.

Notes recorded in at the end of a looping midi part seem to create a note at the start of the bar if it overhangs the end. This needs a fix. A tad annoying to keep having to delete them.

That's about all I personally need to be happy at the moment.

(edit)..oh and a solo per key function...

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