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Default Features request : PDC(Plugin Delay Compensation)for NINJAM Client.

Hi, I have a little idea for NINJAM Client's function.

Reaper has PDC(Plugin Delay Compensation) function for Plugin and ASIO delays.
PDC is a convinient function of the delay correction of recorded items.

PDC is known as abbreviation of "Plugin Delay Compensation".
However, this also functions when we don't use any plug-ins.

PDC also performs ASIO Input/Output delay correction.
When recording on the reaper using direct monitoring,
By enabling PDC function, Reaper adjusts a recorded item to the right location.

Can't this function be mounted on NINJAM Client?
Many of the performers using direct monitoring in NINJAM sessions.

Although direct monitoring brings correct timing to a player,
"the sound that is played by the direct monitoring" is including a slight delay by ASIO Iunput/Output!

How do you try to correct this in NINJAM Client?

Before the sound is send to the NINJAM Server,if this ASIO delay is corrected by NINJAM Client,
the timing of our sessions will become more accurate.

In the case of a real-time session, unless we use the time machine, it is impossible to correct the delayed sound.
But it should be possible in the NINJAM session.
NINJAM session is always synchronized with the long loop delay.
To compensate for slight delayed sound, it will be solved by increasing the loop delay.

This is a story for example.

A bus departs every 1hour from the bus stop.
A guitarist always arrives at a bus stop in 10 seconds late from the departure of the bus.

When the guitarist run and chase the bus with a delay of 10 seconds,
the time when he arrives at the destination is delayed 10 seconds.

When a guitarist waits for 59 minutes and 50 seconds at a bus stop,
he can take the next bus, so delay in the arrival time to the destination is 1 hour exactly.

I'm sorry if this is not a "good example story.

Best regards!
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