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Default ReaScript: Song switcher for live use

The purpose of this script is to quickly switch between songs in a single project during live shows. It is a replacement for the slow SWS Snapshots (visibility + mute).


Each song must be in a top-level folder track named "#. Song Name" ("#" being any number).

After selecting a song, Song Switcher mutes and hides all songs in the project except for the current one. Other tracks/folders that are not part of a song's top-level folder are left untouched.
Song Switcher can also optionally stop playback and/or seek to the first item in the song when switching.

This script works best with REAPER settings "Do not process muted tracks" and "Track mute fade" enabled.

The following additional actions are included for communicating to the main script:
  • cfillion_Song switcher - Switch to previous song.lua
  • cfillion_Song switcher - Switch to next song.lua
  • cfillion_Song switcher - Switch song by MIDI CC.lua
  • cfillion_Song switcher - Switch to queued song.lua
  • cfillion_Song switcher - Reset data.lua
A web browser interface is also installed as song_switcher.html for remote use (this feature requires REAPER v5.30+ and ReaPack v1.1+). Note that the timecode displayed in the web interface always starts at 00:00 for convenience. This means that a song spanning from 7:45 to 9:12 in the project is displayed as 00:00 to 01:26 on the web interface.


This script is shared through the ReaTeam Scripts community repository, available from ReaPack.


Demo in docked mode:

Windowed mode:

Web browser interface:

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