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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
Tweak : Editing the Default_5.0 Theme

The default theme for REAPER 5 has been designed to be more easily edited by you, the user. I have done this by controlling some sections of the theme's complex underlying WALTER script using a system of macros that I call 'Flow'.

Flow responds to the most common requests that I hear from users - to be able to decide the order in which interface elements are hidden when a panel is shrunk, and the size of elements - without learning WALTER. With Flow, you can do just that merely by changing a few clearly labelled numbers in a text file.

I have provided a walk through on how to achieve this HERE.


Please do share suggestions for tweaks that are often requested and easily achieved that you think might fit well into this sticky.
Hey if you are the person who designed the Default 5.0 theme I first want to thank you! In my opinion it looks awesome!!

I am wondering if in the next 6.0 version of Reaper it would be possible to use the Tweaking concept and make it super user friendly such as integrating it in the Reaper builds preferences?

Could it be poasible to choose some color prefs and icon layouts on the TCP and MCP?

That would be much more inviting to regular users with no computer knowledge abd or WILL to learn these things.

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