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1. What is highest consideration: context or time selection?

2. What about automation items?

(Reaper smart cut removes tracks if focused. It also cuts automation items rather than points within them, even if AI is not selected. I realize you want to avoid Cut, because of clipboard.)

edit below:

I think I understand what you want.
not a real script...
if context == track:
  delete all selected tracks
if context == item:
  if any part of selected items are within time selection:
    delete only selected parts/entire items, which are inside time selection
    delete all selected items
if context == envelope:
  if any selected points are within time selection: 
    delete only selected points inside time selection
    delete all selected points
I see there are actions in SWS:
SWS/AW: Remove tracks/items/env, obeying time selection and leaving children
SWS: Remove items/tracks/env, (obey time selection)

but they don't seem to work? They were made before AI, but they don't work even without any AI on envelopes or with items either... I have no idea how to begin with AI. I probably could make something, with labor, for items and envelopes without AI, but I suppose the SWS actions might be updated instead. I see a thread:
that maybe gives a clue about the complex state of the matter.

Not really finding any other actions. So, I hand it over to more advanced coders.

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