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Originally Posted by FnA View Post
1. What is highest consideration: context or time selection?

2. What about automation items?
1. On screenshot - context.

2. Automation Items can be ignored. This is convenient in the workflow

Originally Posted by FnA View Post
(Reaper smart cut removes tracks if focused. It also cuts automation items rather than points within them, even if AI is not selected. I realize you want to avoid Cut, because of clipboard.)

edit below:

I think I understand what you want.
not a real script...
Yes, you fully understood the problem. As an alternative, I considered a function that cleans the clipboard after each use of the Cut... action. But I could not find her either.

This "code" is what i need, it remains to find the command for "any part of selected items are within time selection" and its analog for envelopes...

Originally Posted by FnA View Post
I see there are actions in SWS:
SWS/AW: Remove tracks/items/env, obeying time selection and leaving children
SWS: Remove items/tracks/env, (obey time selection)
but they don't seem to work?
Yes, do not work. This actions are not able to delete the selected area, they delete the items completely.

It's amazing that "Edit: Cut items / tracks / envelope points (depending on focus) within time selection, if any (smart cut)" works fine and flawlessly responds to the context and selection.
I will try to write in the Feature Requests. Chance is small (while 100% of my queries in fr have been ignored, lol), but one small modification of "Remove items / tracks / envelope points (depending on focus)" completely solves my problem without running scripts and programming.

In any case - thank you very much for your help! At this phase, if all other methods do not help me, I'll stay with your script.
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