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Originally Posted by FnA View Post
Guessing you can probably do something similar for automation items. It seems an action for limiting a deletion of selected points to time selection would be a nice utility to have, but I guess I have not really lost any sleep over it thus far.
Ugh. Here again the problems begin Now for the editing of automation items the set of commands is very meager. I do not have to delete part of the automation item. And the cutting command selected one part of the item, and there are no commands to control this selection process.
But, again, I can return to the old kind command of "Smart Cut...", which works all the same, flawlessly. But, it's rubbish again on the clipboard ...

In the end, I made a decision. Just do not touch the items of automation

Originally Posted by FnA View Post
It probably makes two undo points for the two calls to mainoncommand? I'll try it later with a undoblock to reduce it to one and edit this post. Alternatively you can use namedcommandlookup on a custom action that you make normally.
Yes I know. So that there were no double entries in the undo entries, I used commands Undo_BeginBlock/Undo_EndBlock. In the script above

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