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I attempted to make a custom actions with no Avai.

First action is just a CHORD track populate. So an action, that would create a blank item within a time selection, on a "chord" track. After I've tempo mapped the part, go to the end of each bar, and split the item. Maybe insert a generic chord in it.

(Side note, is there ANY script just to go to the next bar beginning just like 'go to next marker'?????)

Second is personal to my work flow, I set up my scratch tracks as follows:

Acoustic 1 - Left mic :Selected:
Acoustic 2 - Right mic :Selected:
Bus 2
Acoustic 1 - Left mic
Acoustic 2 - Right mic

I want to be able to, after having recorded 30m of scratch. Just press a button and have the next tracks in the bus below selected. Deselecting the previous tracks. So I can then, just arm selected and record. All within three buttons. Or easily create a custom action then after. I was able to get it to work successfully with a custom action, once, then it was jumping where ever it wanted.
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