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Default Pipo tv box X32 sws region playlist

Using sws region playlist as a set list manager player .
This allows us to skip songs but also letís the playlist smoothseek to next song.

I have these track set to send hardware outs to interface
Samples mono hw 1
Percussion mono hw 2
Backing vocals mono hw 3
Bass mono hw 5
Click track 6

Each song has stems that get summed to the above tracks depending on what they are.
For each song to make easy level adjustment of whole song I setup vca fader to control every stem track with automation item for each region.

My interface is a x32core with a sd16 box.
I have scenes setup to match the mono hw outputs like a Di , or I can sum the lines depending on how much the venue can support , and never need a sound guy to mix my in ear mix. My ears come straight from the sd16 as you can monitor all lines from inputs, matrix bus , outputs and p16 channels.
Because I play drums , Iíve done pre production And got the acoustic drums set how I want them to sound , and send that down the drum line to foh guy. We do hiphop so itís kick and snare heavy with a fat soaking comp on it. I line or sound check foh will just tell me to bump up or down on kick and snare to balance.

Because Iím not running any VSTi I am able to run this on a small pipo tv box computer . This setup runs on a atom cpu with 4gigs of ram of a flash drive.
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