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Default Reversing polarity of relative Midi control message modes

I have an arturia beatstep that allows me to have relative modes set up on the knobs.
I have this set up to control plugins. The only combination of the arturia's relative modes and the relative modes in reaper that work in the correct direction require over 5 full knob rotations to get from minimum to maximum on any effect knobs.

There is a mode combination that works at the speed i need, but the direction of the knobs is the opposite to what i need.
If i turn the knob clockwise on the controller, it goes anti clockwise on the effect.

Is it possible to add a "reverse polarity" option ticker box when assigning midi control cc?
The other possible idea is allowing a -3+3, -5+5 and -10+10 increment option (i have no idea if this is even possible)
Thanks for your time 🙂
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