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I don't use/have those fancy MIDI controllers with CC-sending knobs, so I haven't implemented that. You can do it with a script:
  1. Obtain which MIDI message triggered it using reaper.get_action_context
  2. Signal song switcher to activate a song using one of the two commands below
-- activates the next song (current song + n, n can by negative to go backwards)
reaper.SetExtState('cfillion_song_switcher', 'relative_move', '1', false)

-- activates the song with a given title (partial match)
reaper.SetExtState('cfillion_song_switcher', 'filter', '17. Autumn Serenade', false)
reaper.SetExtState('cfillion_song_switcher', 'filter', '17', false)
reaper.SetExtState('cfillion_song_switcher', 'filter', 'Autumn Serenade', false)
I can add an absolute_move command to activate a specific song index (rather than trackname-based) if necessary.

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