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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
In the "Live Usage" subforum there are multiple threads with questions how to do a live (e.g. keyboard-) setup that not only can switch sounds / patches to be played, but additionally allows to fire "Backgourd tracks" or sound snippets that are not generated by a VST but have been pre-recorded by the artist. In many cases the artists does not use a computer screen/mouse/keyboard during the show.
Oh, absolutely. I misunderstood what you meant in the previous post.

In fact most of the songs I make for shows have a backing track I've pre-rendered (and/or run to a click) and rely heavily on automation. So I made Song switcher with that usecase in mind. However, since I don't usually leave the backstage, a screen/mouse/(computer) keyboard is perfectly fine with me.

I'll have a go at adding an "Activate song by CC value" action next week. I agree that could be very useful for some and should be easy to make as explained above.

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