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Default Pause/play feature?

Hi, this is a wonderful script thank you, the folder system is good way of organising lots of songs in one project as a set/play list. The drag and drop reordering feature is a huge plus!

I'm placing my songs along the timeline at tempo change markers with an audio and midi track in each folder. The very top Reaper track (outside all folders and common to all songs) contains empty items which I'm using for lyrics with 'Note Reader' (so it can read everything on the same track).

This means that Song Switcher continues playing at the end of each selected song (except for the last in the line). Is there any way to make the player stop playing at the end of a track/folder and go to the next song on the list, selected ready to play?

Also, say for instance while song #03 is playing, I use the up/down arrows to choose my next song, for example song #09. Song #09 flashes as if it is cued-up but I have to press 'enter' to actually select it, if I do this while song #03 is playing it will be cut off. Even at the end of song #03 I still have to press enter and then the space bar. It would fantastic if in this example when song #03 ends, song #09 is automatically selected ready to play.

I used a thing called "Sweet Midi player" for many years that does just that, it was called 'Jukebox' mode.

These extra features in your script would be a huge benefit for live performance.

Best Regards.
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