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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Let me know when you publish an update and I'll be happy to test it.
Done! The latest update adds a "Switch song by MIDI CC" action. Let me know if this works with your MIDI controller.

Originally Posted by Ravine View Post
This means that Song Switcher continues playing at the end of each selected song (except for the last in the line). Is there any way to make the player stop playing at the end of a track/folder and go to the next song on the list, selected ready to play?

Also, say for instance while song #03 is playing, I use the up/down arrows to choose my next song, for example song #09. Song #09 flashes as if it is cued-up but I have to press 'enter' to actually select it, if I do this while song #03 is playing it will be cut off. Even at the end of song #03 I still have to press enter and then the space bar. It would fantastic if in this example when song #03 ends, song #09 is automatically selected ready to play.
I would use SWS marker actions for this ( Creating a marker named !1016 would run the action "Transport: Stop" after the play cursor reaches it with up to 33 ms of jitter.

I've added a "Switch to queued song" action to help with this. You can have it run at any point in a song by adding a marker named !_RS0845295095eb2b87e149f040514acb7ebbcf61f4. Switch to next song is !_RS1f1c5f5406d0a36f4b780fd6ab7b54a8006b9e69.
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