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Default ACM-2A Plug-In for Linux

So, a little while ago (as a user, rather than a developer), I found myself trying out a plug-in, with a great looking 3D modelled photo-realistic UI - but I couldn’t help feeling that sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. And it got me thinking that perhaps it was time to experiment a little and see if I could cook up something that kept the essence of the original hardware (so the visual cues are there for those familiar with them) but with a more stylized, and modern UI.
At the same time I’ve watched Linux gaining in popularity for audio significantly over the last year - with more plug-ins and DAWs being ported all the time it seems (which is great to see, especially as someone who has been involved at some level for the past decade - initially with the linuxDSP plug-ins).
The result is the ACM-2A plug-in for Linux - its available through the Applied Computer Music Technologies Ltd website.

The perfect antidote for anyone who's overindulged on super-realistic 3D modelled flaky paint and rusty vintage metalwork…
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