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I can't figure out why I cannot get my external Master MIDI keyboard to trigger MIDI into Reaper.

It works in Ardour. Jack also recognises my sound card's MIDI input as triggered from the master MIDI keyboard.

The virtual keyboard in Reaper also works as a MIDI input.

Reaper will also play MIDI out just fine to my soundcard's MIDI out.

It's just the input. I simply cannot seem to figure out how to get Reaper to recognize the input from my soundcard/MIDI controller keyboard.

Again, my soundcard is an M-Audio Audiophile 192.

I feel like I'm either missing something obvious, or there is a problem with Reaper.

I hope to get this fixed, as once I can do full in-out MIDI with Reaper, I won't have to boot into my Windows partition just to use Reaper.
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